May 2014 Reading Series

Friday May 9th at 7:30pm and Saturday May 10th at 2pm

Lady Of The Chair by Nicole Downie

I'm Mitch Hepburn by David Jones & Larry Glassford

Politics wasn't always dull. Who knew? A radical politician becomes premier of Ontario . Along the way, a story unfolds of deals, betrayals, hard drinking and womanizing.

Saturday May 10th at 7:30pm and Sunday May 11th at 2pm

Bucket List by Trish West

Two old men set out to plan their 'must do' lists before they die. Along the way they each must look at 'the road not taken' A poignant look at what really matters.

Skin Deep by Trish West

Things are not always what they seem. This is a warm, family drama that explores the threats to maintaining deep bonds in an ordinary family that is coping with extraordinary events.

  • DramaturgeRon Cameron-Lewis
  • DirectorRand Houghton
  • Stage Manager—Lynda Yearwood
  • Lighting Designer — Heather Reppen
  • Costume and Props Designer Carey Nicholson
  • Sound Designer — Dave Fitzpatrick
  • Cast—Isabelle Ellis, Cam Lund,Robyn McDonald, Zara Stuart-Jones, & Andrea Vander Kooij

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