November 2013 Reading Series

Friday November 8th at 7:30pm and Saturday November 9th at 2pm

Empty Boxes by A.J. Laflamme

Someone once said "All causes are lost. Otherwise they'd be effects". Filling empty boxes is a powerful metaphor for a love that is not so much lost as never really found. Two people experience everything they expected in love except the ability to make it last.

  • DramaturgeSolange De Santis
  • DirectorVictoria Fuller
  • Stage Manager—Lynda Yearwood
  • Lighting Designer — Heather Reppen
  • Costume and Props Designer — Carey Nicholson
  • Sound Designer — Dave Fitzpatrick
  • Cast—Erin Brookhouse, Joe Delfin, Ashleigh Kasaboski, Stephen Mashalidis, Robyn Noftall,
    Adrian Yearwood

Saturday November 9th at 7:30pm and Sunday November 10th at 2pm

Swing Dance by Lynda Martens

It takes two to tango. Or does it? Perhaps it takes four. And what do you do with the balloon? Walter has a prescription, Vicky has a recipe and Sally an invitation to the dance. Dante plays Devil's advocate. Find out what really happens in middle aged suburbia in "Swing Dance" a comic story of hot sex or at least hot flashes.

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